Agnes Dei | Angele Ellis

Agnes Dei by Angele Ellis   Agnes Dei On our second date, he said he had a surprise for me. The maître d’ led us into an intimate dining room whose winking electric chandeliers made the cream damassin tablecloths almost too bright to bear. A glass of white wine and an appetizer I recognized as a designer […]

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The Man On The Stairs

by Michael Chin Photo credit: Lewis Dakin   Do you remember the smell of burnt bacon? You used to say the smoke stung your eyes, so you stayed as far from the kitchen as you could in the morning. You said you couldn’t see right for hours once it had sunk into your corneas. Do […]

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The Merchant’s Wares

by Shawn Cowling Kaia had spent her whole life under a thatched roof in a town barely worthy of being called a town. Where most towns had electricity and a few motor carriages darting about the streets, her community was a collection of homes surrounded by endless fields of corn and barley. Her place of birth was […]

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