Submission Guidelines

UPDATED: 22/02/2018



Photo Credit: Mythical Pantomime by Leonard Kogan, Issue 1

The main issues were The Drowning Gull’s initial, and main, project. Writing and art on any topic were considered for these issues. We are no longer accepting submissions for this project, or the Sea Salt Series one.

Sea Salt Series


Photo Credit: The Dancer by Cetywa Powell, Main Issue

Beginning on December 1, 2016, The Drowning Gull started its call for submissions for its first mini-publication: our Sea Salt Series. It originated from the Chief Editor’s concerns that there weren’t enough opportunities throughout the year for new writers to get noticed, taking into consideration that we had originally planned to publish only two big issues a year.

Consequently, the staff at The Drowning Gull wanted to expand their horizons a little bit by opening a call for submissions that would result in small tidbits of writing and art, published in March and September of each year. These issues would be different in that each call would have a theme. Submissions, however, are no longer open for this series.

The Sea Salt issue we created in July 2017 is accessible here.






12 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Hi, Hope you have lots of luck and fun with this endeavor. My question is: three poems:” each poem in one document”, does that mean that each poem separately in a submitted doc? or all three in one doc? Also, except for an essay and an interview I can’t seem to find much, is that because you’re still just getting up and running or am I missing something here? It could be me (I am noted for missing the obvious, just saying).
    Thanks for your time, Old Poet Man

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    1. Hi Terry! Three poems in one document is meant to mean all three poems in one word document (all together). As of now, we are more frequently posting on our blog because we’re a new literary magazine and therefore haven’t had many submissions. You can check out the submissions we have published on the “Fiction” menu (because we so far have only published fiction).


    1. Unfortunately, we don’t! We hope that publication is enough. Our first issue received a considerable number of views, so we’re confident your work will receive the exposure you want– should you choose to submit something.


  2. Dear Tiegan,

    I sent you a long series of poems, Book of Sheba, and you were kind enough to give me advice on revision. Which I gladly took. You also said I could resubmit for your 3rd issue. However, I have a long rhymed story poem which I think you’ll like more called The Wishes of Zay. Would you be interested?

    Chloe Bolan


    1. Chloe, we’re currently only reading submissions of nonfiction and art for our second issue. We unfortunately cannot consider any other work in any other genres.



  3. I don’t think you say specifically, but presumably previously published pieces are ineligible for submission to the Sea Salt issue?

    Thanks and Regards

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    1. Thanks for asking! No, we don’t accept previously published poetry or prose. We may, however, consider previously published art (if it is to our taste).

      We hope you submit something soon!


    1. We’re willing to consider them! Make sure you attach a picture of the cover of the book you’re reviewing to the e-mail. It would fall under nonfiction, so ensure that’s the genre you include in the subject line.

      I hope that’s helpful.


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