Submission Guidelines

UPDATED: 18/05/2017

As of December 1, 2016, we have switched from our submissions manager to a submissions e-mail: We accept submissions in English only. And unfortunately, The Drowning Gull does not offer writers and artists payment for their work at this time.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not prepared to consider editorial changes The Drowning Gull staff may suggest.



Photo Credit: Mythical Pantomime by Leonard Kogan, Issue 1


READING FROM DECEMBER 1, 2016 – June 1, 2017 (AEST)

Main issues, from this issue onward (so, it includes this one), will have no theme until the end of time. That means you can submit any genre of work (except screenplays) on any subject for this particular issue. You can expect to see 50-80 pages in a given issue, but this is subject to change.

To get a taste for aesthetic, you can browse our first issue.

How to submit for either of our main issues:

  • E-mail us at from December 1 onwards. Otherwise, use our submissions manager, which we linked to above (ignore the e-mail related stuff if you’re submitting before December 1.)
  • Use this format in the subject line: Main Issue: [Surname], [Genre]. So, if your name was Jane Doe, and you were submitting fiction, your subject line would look like this: Main Issue: Doe, Fiction
  • Include a cover letter, and a third-person bio outlining up to 5 publications and a few quirky things about you.
  • Fiction (issue #3 only): submit up to two pieces of  < 5 pages each. Both pieces should be included in one file. Not individually, but together. We tend to favour works of around 2-3 pages.
  • Nonfiction: submit up to two pieces of < 5 pages each. Both pieces should be included together in one file, like fiction.
  • Poetry (issue #3 only): up to two pages is fine. Up to three poems total is also fine.
  • No reprints for poetry or prose.
  • Up to 10 artworks, so we can get a sense of your personal style. Those submitting through the submission manager may send high-res files only. We allow reprints, as long as the relevant artwork hasn’t been published in millions of mags already. Those e-mailing after December 1 should send high-res and low-res versions of each artwork, labelled which is which with the title. So like this : [High/ low res] [Title of Artwork]
  • Times New Roman, Garamond or Cambria 12 pt. font preferred for text submissions.
  • Any questions may be directed to our Chief Editor, Tiegan, at, OR, you can e-mail a specific genre’s editor– relevant contact details are on the Contact page.

Sea Salt Series


Photo Credit: The Dancer by Cetywa Powell, Issue 1

NB: Submissions for the inaugural Sea Salt Series are now closed, and the issue has been published. You can view it here. Submissions for the Sea Salt Series are closed until further notice.

Beginning on December 1, 2016, The Drowning Gull will be starting our call for submissions for our first mini-publication: our Sea Salt Series. It originated from the Chief Editor’s concerns that there weren’t enough opportunities throughout the year for new writers to get noticed, taking into consideration that we had originally planned to publish only two big issues a year.

Consequently, the staff at The Drowning Gull wanted to expand their horizons a little bit by opening a call for submissions that would result in small tidbits of writing and art, published in March and September of each year. These issues will be different in that each call will have a theme.

To support us, we have our own little lit-monsters. Watch the video to find out what the first Sea Salt Series issue’s theme will be! (Click on the picture to view!)


Our guidelines and suggestions for submitting for our Sea Salt issues:

  • Since our intention for this series is that it will be smaller, we may feel more inclined to accept flash prose (no longer than 1000 words), and poems that are less than two pages each. We particularly adore vivid imagery and eloquent language . We’re thinking about vignettes right now, so maybe try your luck with our vignettes here!
  • E-mail with this in the subject line: Sea Salt: [Surname], [Genre]. So if your name is John Smith and you’re submitting poetry, you would write: Sea Salt: Smith, Poetry.
  • In the body of your e-mail, include a short cover letter and third-person biography, which details up to five previous publications and some quirky things about you!
  • Attach your work to the e-mail as a word-document. As a PDF file if your work requires special formatting. Times New Roman or Garamond 12 pt. is fine for text–just don’t go crazy with your margins or italics or bold.
  • Artwork should be in jpeg form. Please send a high-res and a low-res of each photo– you can send up to five images. We love vibrant colour, interesting textures, and abstract art. Portraits may not find their places here (just sayin’). This is the only Sea Salt genre in which we MAY allow reprints– but that will only happen if we adore the piece.
  • Make sure your work fits the theme in some way. If you don’t think your work obviously reflects our theme (which we would prefer), include an explanation in the body of your e-mail.

Send in your best, beginning December 1!


  • We accept simultaneous submissions. However, we typically respond to submissions within a two months of receipt- within one month, if you’ve submitted artwork- so we feel it’s not necessary to submit your work elsewhere.
  • E-mail us at if we have not contacted you regarding your submission after two months, or if your submitted work has been accepted elsewhere
  • Rejected people should wait a while before submitting again. Accepted and published people should wait a while , too.
  • Make sure your biography is somewhat thorough. We absolutely abhor “John Smith is from Earth, Milky Way,” one-liner biographies. Please don’t waste our time with those.

The Drowning Gull is also on Duotrope. Please report our response time if you’ve submitted something for our consideration.

If your work is accepted at THE DROWNING GULL, you agree to grant us First North American and Australian Serial Rights, all archival rights, plus the rights to reprint in any future anthologies. Upon publication, all rights revert back to the author. You agree that if your work subsequently appears elsewhere (in print or online), you will give due credit to THE DROWNING GULL.





12 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Hi, Hope you have lots of luck and fun with this endeavor. My question is: three poems:” each poem in one document”, does that mean that each poem separately in a submitted doc? or all three in one doc? Also, except for an essay and an interview I can’t seem to find much, is that because you’re still just getting up and running or am I missing something here? It could be me (I am noted for missing the obvious, just saying).
    Thanks for your time, Old Poet Man

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Terry! Three poems in one document is meant to mean all three poems in one word document (all together). As of now, we are more frequently posting on our blog because we’re a new literary magazine and therefore haven’t had many submissions. You can check out the submissions we have published on the “Fiction” menu (because we so far have only published fiction).


    1. Unfortunately, we don’t! We hope that publication is enough. Our first issue received a considerable number of views, so we’re confident your work will receive the exposure you want– should you choose to submit something.


  2. Dear Tiegan,

    I sent you a long series of poems, Book of Sheba, and you were kind enough to give me advice on revision. Which I gladly took. You also said I could resubmit for your 3rd issue. However, I have a long rhymed story poem which I think you’ll like more called The Wishes of Zay. Would you be interested?

    Chloe Bolan


    1. Chloe, we’re currently only reading submissions of nonfiction and art for our second issue. We unfortunately cannot consider any other work in any other genres.



    1. Thanks for asking! No, we don’t accept previously published poetry or prose. We may, however, consider previously published art (if it is to our taste).

      We hope you submit something soon!


    1. We’re willing to consider them! Make sure you attach a picture of the cover of the book you’re reviewing to the e-mail. It would fall under nonfiction, so ensure that’s the genre you include in the subject line.

      I hope that’s helpful.


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