Sea Salt Series Issue #1: Just Add Water

Mary Ellen Talley, Lisa Marie Brodsky, Mary C. Rowin, Cathie Sandstrom, Marta Ferguson, Jennifer Reimer, Margarita Barresi, Rick Kempa, Kevin Zepper.

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Rowing| Kevin Zepper

Kevin Zepper teaches at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He is the author of four books of poetry. Part of his creative time is devoted to performing collaborative poetry and music with his musical partner and colleague Terrie Manno. They call themselves Lines&Notes, performing at art venues and colleges. Zepper’s recent photography credits include: Inscape, Minnesota […]

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Editor’s Note| Katelyn Dunne

            I’ve never seen the ocean.  I’ve never seen crabs roaming about dunes with pinchers that seem like the monsters hiding in childhood closets; I’ve never seen dolphins off in the distance and imagined them as mermaids singing a siren song, irresistibly reeling me in. I’ve never tasted the briny salt in the air.

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One Set of Prints For Two | Rick Kempa

In the winter of your first year we camped by the ocean. You would sleep beside me in the tent. Towards morning, but still night, you’d roll over, let out a cry. I’d take you outside to give you some fresh air. You liked that, fell quiet, turned your head towards Venus above the bluffs. You’d be perfect­ly alert. So I’d wrap you in your blanket, hoist you on my back, and we would walk.

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