2 Poems | Lana Bella

2 Poems by Lana Bella   CURFEW Staining your fingers with graphite, you wrecked until the lake flicked its tails to cerulean mosaics of silence along the track of curfew. Pooled the half-light between lips, you watched a windfall of fireflies brushed sideways across the hum of water like threads split at the tapestry, more […]

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Editor’s Note | Katelyn Dunne

Putting together this issue these last few weeks has left me feeling very sentimental. Three weeks from now marks the day that The Drowning Gull‘s astounding Founder and Chief Editor, Tiegan Dakin, accepted me to head the rag-tag group of staff as the Managing Editor. Since that day, my time here has truly been incredible. Throughout […]

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Agnes Dei | Angele Ellis

Agnes Dei by Angele Ellis   Agnes Dei On our second date, he said he had a surprise for me. The maître d’ led us into an intimate dining room whose winking electric chandeliers made the cream damassin tablecloths almost too bright to bear. A glass of white wine and an appetizer I recognized as a designer […]

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2 Poems | Michael Prihoda

2 Poems by Michael Prihoda   Food play at being more whole   than a fully stocked aisle.   play at being more full   than factory- coded picture   frames. you ingest so   much gristle it’s wonder   how you shave away   all but marrow.     Narrow and we or you or […]

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2 Poems | Sarah Cooper

2 Poems by Sarah Cooper   We Thought About It That’s a lie: I thought about it. You had cut short on rehab, again,   shown up knuckles freshly scabbed hands clenched for Dad, again, lost your job,   again. We could smell addiction on your clothes: sweat, salt,   stale beer. We couldn’t bandage […]

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