Words On Sand | Ray Zimmerman

      Ray Zimmerman is the author of First Days (Finishing Line Press) and Executive Editor of Southern Light: Twelve Contemporary Southern Poets, Ford, Falcon, and McNeil. He serves as producer of the Little Owl Music and Arts Festival, now in its fifth year at Audubon Acres. Ray’s photographs have appeared in the Tennessee Conservationist […]

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Waste Not | Terry Barr

Waste Not by Terry Barr “Take him down by the vacant lot on the corner,” Dad said, “That way no one will mind what he does.” The thought of cleaning up after Sandy never entered our heads, and so I’d lead him by the leash to this open area and watch as the poor guy […]

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Black and White | John C. Mannone

Black and White by John C. Mannone             Journal entry, May 30, 1979             Wind River Wilderness, Wyoming  The landscape is vivid Kodachrome and it is warm this Memorial Day weekend. I start to hike up the backcountry to camp in the mountains: nylon straps tension against my shoulders, hips torque to legs and my […]

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2 Pieces | Terry Bailey

    Terry Bailey is a digital artist, interactive multimedia author, musician, filmmaker, educator, coder and media critic who has pioneered the fields of interactive multimedia and digital art since their nascent days. Pasadena Weekly marvelled about Bailey’s transition from youthful, female, Academy Award winning film studio developer and manager for Saul Zaentz (Amadeus, The […]

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Cycle of Life | Alice Lowe

Cycle of Life by Alice Lowe It was a week since my last visit and a month, exactly—I’d marked my calendar—since I first saw the eggs. I made a dash when the gates opened this morning, froze when I saw the empty nest. * The flamingo lagoon is front and centre when you enter the […]

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4 Pieces | Gwen Wilkinson

Gwen Wilkinson is a visual artist living in Ireland. She studied for her Masters Degree in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Her practice includes sculpture and photography. Gwen’s photographic work explores the intersection between nature and artifice, metamorphosis and decay, fiction and reality. She works with a variety of […]

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