Bubbl.us: A Digital Mind-Mapping App

If you’re someone who really loves to brainstorm and map out their ideas to find all the most interesting topics, and you prefer to work digitally, I would bet my cat that you will thoroughly enjoy using Bubbl.us.


Bubbl.us is a free to use digital mind-mapping site. This software is a simply executed digital solution for writers of any variety, who regularly use mind-mapping to brainstorm ideas and topics for their writing.

Why I love Bubbl.us:

-It’s free! It’s true, this software can be used at no cost, and creating an account is made super easy with Facebook and Google+ login buttons.

-It’s easy to use! The design of Bubbl.us is really simple and done in a way to mimic writing out a mind-map, so you don’t have to spend much time at all getting to know the ins and outs.  Tracking your train of thought is made easy, as you can colour code your bubbles, and as your map grows and you add more information in, you can rearrange you bubbles to make your brainstorming more organised. The simplicity of it is probably the thing I love most above Bubbl.us – mind-mapping is a simple concept and they have stayed true to this by making the interface really user-friendly, and it’s in no way overwhelming or scary to look at.

-You can print and export! If you would like to print out your mind-map to have as a visual reference or would like to export it as an image, etc. to use in another document, Bubbl.us has you covered.

There is more to Bubbl.us than just the basic mind-mapping, however this does come with an upgraded account. In saying that, the minimum cost to upgrade to a Premium account is very manageable at $6 per month and this allows you to do a lot more with the software. For example, one of the things I really love about this is that you’re able to attach images or put links in bubbles. It’s a really efficient way of keeping track of information as you research and brainstorm, allowing you to go back and re-visit information, links, images, videos, etc. This is probably my favourite feature, it makes this easy to use AND super-efficient.

Another great thing about upgrading your account is you can remove the Bubbl.us branding to use your mind-map in professional or academic documents, and there is no limit on the number of mind-maps you can make either! Plus, priority support from the Bubbl.us team when you upgrade too.

My only complaint about this application (other than looking like a program built for Windows 98) is that this is pretty much where it ends for Bubbl.us. It has a very specific function and purpose, and is really only going to be good for people who build their writing through mind-mapping. For anyone who doesn’t work that way, Bubbl.us is still a useful tool but there is nothing outstanding about it to make you want to mind-map if you are not already inclined towards using that skill. For example, I personally don’t use mind-mapping as a tool to build my writing, so although I found this to be a useful and efficient tool, there’s nothing about Bubbl.us that would convert me into a mind-mapper.

Overall, I found this site to be really useful for mapping out ideas and organizing information, and being able to have all my ideas in the one place (my laptop). It’s easy to learn and to understand, and is beautifully simple in its design. If you’re someone who has been wishing for a platform that digitizes the mind-mapping process, Bubbl.us is it.


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