GIVEAWAY: “Obliterations” by Heather Aimee O’Neill and Jessica Piazza

Great news, guys! Jessica Piazza and Heather Aimee O’Neill have given us permission to do a giveaway of the poetry collection they cowrote: “Obliterations.”

It contains erasures made from articles featured in the New York Times, and we would love for a couple of lucky people to have a PDF copy! Which means we’re going to host a giveaway for this collection, and we would love it if you would all participate.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Anyone who likes the giveaway post on Facebook, shares our Facebook page, AND submits to our nonfiction and art only issue, gets THREE entries into the draw. Liking is worth one entry, sharing is worth one entry, and submitting is also worth one– which means you’re more likely to win if you do it all.

Want to know the value of what you might win? See what people are saying about “Obliterations”.
“Wow – This was such a unique book. I am new to poetry reading but this concept was so exciting. I liked the story (on the back cover) of the how the book idea stated. This was inspirational – made me want to try this type of poetry writing. I won this in a contest and am happy to give it 5 stars for inspiring me!”
– MELANIE from Goodreads.
“With the media overload of the 21st Century, poets are bound to ask: How much of this information sticks and is it absorbed in the way that is expected? Obliterations: Erasures from the New York Times by Heather Aimee O’Neill and Jessica Piazza, one of the best new authors according to CBS Los Angeles, explores that process by taking articles found in a variety of sections of The New York Times, including real estate and obituaries, and erasing words until a poem emerges from the detritus. Neither poet knew what the other created, and what has emerged is a collection that speaks not to ephemeral constructs but to concrete concerns and connections.”
– SERENA from Goodreads.


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