Katie Dunne: Managing Editor

I’m excited to announce that Katie Dunne is The Drowning Gull’s new Managing Editor!


Katelyn Dunne is a student at a small liberal arts college in a quiet town nestled within the Kentucky mountains. She is in the process of earning her degree in English, with emphases in Creative Writing and Literary Studies, while also studying Business Administration and Psychology. Although her college journey has taken her to a place encapsulated by nature, she is a native-Chicagoan, taking much pride in their towering architecture, vast vegetarian eateries, and their “lovable losers,” the Cubs.

Katelyn has been published in the journal Pensworth, current and forthcoming, and also serves as Pensworth’s student editor. She has won a scholarship for excellence in English, and is a two-time winner of her university’s Creative Writing Award. Writing is her passion, only paralleled by her love of editing. She strives to help fellow writers strengthen their craft and unleash the true beauty of writing.

Katelyn is a self-proclaimed glitter enthusiast who believes fully in the powerful magic of fairies, pixie dust, and, most of all, love. She feels most at home while attending Catholic Mass or writing lyrical creative nonfiction flash stories. She is looking forward to being the Managing Editor of The Drowning Gull and partaking in this newly-created magic!

What sort of work are you hoping to see submitted to The Drowning Gull? 

The more postmodern, the better! The Drowning Gull is already calling for the weird, the quirky, the out-of-the-box. I’m hoping to remove the lines of that box altogether. I’m looking for the mystical, the magical, the interwoven stories within stories within stories. I’d love to see stories that come alive and speak to the reader, both literally and metaphorically. I want to read a piece and be thoroughly confused, but completely satisfied, as if I had just experienced the impossible. I want pieces that wander aimlessly through time, with no end in sight, but somehow manage to come across beauty everlasting. I want stories that make you question what you just read, and leave you voraciously craving more. I want to be enthralled by the magic of the written word.

I believe that half the story is told through the structure itself. Bring on the shape poems, the quadruple-layered stories, the crooked words. I want all of that in The Drowning Gull. Structure is where the magic unfolds. The devil is in those details, and I want to see some black magic!

I want to be dazzled. I want to say to myself, “Wow, what in the world just happened? I love it!”


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