Shonavee Simpson: Nonfiction Editor

I’m proud to announce that Shonavee Simpson is our new Nonfiction Editor!


Shonavee Simpson is a freelance writer and editor with a background in publishing, copywriting and coffee. She is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts – English Honours degree, focusing on online feminist writing, and is a fun-loving, cat-loving feminist killjoy! She was born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, and is a 7th generation Novocastrian who never goes to the beach and prefers a quiet cuppa in bed with her kittigans, Coco. Yes, she calls her cat ‘kittigans’. You should too.


Shonavee has always been an avid reader, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the stories she wants to read, which led to her stealing her first book at the ripe old age of 5 from her Kindergarten classroom. However, she reformed in her later primary school years, reading as many books from the library (and returning them) as she could get through – until Harry Potter happened.
Growing into her teen and young adult years, reading and writing remained huge parts of her life. This love of reading and writing took her to university, first in a Communication degree, then her Arts degree, and even took her to the University of Oxford to study in 2014.
These days, Shonavee spends more time writing than reading. She has written reviews for the lifestyle publication Weekend Notes, news and features as the Editor for the online magazine Highway Games, and has worked on copy for a range of companies. She is very much looking forward to reading your submissions to the Drowning Gull and can’t wait to work with all our wonderful readers out there!
What sort of work am I hoping to see submitted to The Drowning Gull? The kinds of submissions I am looking for will exhibit honesty above all else. I think that is hugely important in non-fiction, as so many of our memories are skewed by perspective and circumstances that being honest in what you’re presenting is of the utmost importance. Also, I will be looking for a message; something the reader can take away with them and ruminate on, that tickles the fancy or illuminates the everyday in a new way – think about WHY you’re sharing this story.

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