Social Media Manager: Ben Smith

I’m proud to introduce Ben Smith as our new Social Media Manager!

ben smith

Ben Smith is the Social Media Manager of The Drowning Gull. He has been a keen reader since he was young- having been raised on the likes of Harry Potter, The Children of the Red King, and the Chronicles of Narnia- and a keen writer since he was in his mid-teens.

His favourite subjects at school were English and Media Production & Analysis. After high school, Ben was accepted into Curtin University’s journalism program. During his time at university, he had his work published in the campus newspaper, The Western Independent. In his final year, he served on the editorial team for one semester as sport’s editor and chief of staff.

Since he graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree, Ben has contributed to many different websites as a writer. With a background in sports journalism, he has covered Perth Glory Football Club for From the Stands and served as Outside 90’s WA Matchday Correspondent this past A-League season. He also provides Twitter soccer commentary for award-winning site The Football Sack and currently serves as a music and film writer for youth media organisation, The Colosoul Group. As you may have guessed, Ben has a passion for sport, music, films, reading and writing.

Boasting an in-depth knowledge of the ins-and-outs of multiple social media websites, Ben is looking forward to his role as social media manager.



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