Welcome to The Drowning Gull!


Welcome to The Drowning Gull!

This is the place where writers can submit their work if it does not “conform” or meet societal expectations. Where those eccentric pieces of writing/art/multimedia can find their place.

Submission Guidelines page is already up. If you feel the potential of our literary magazine, you can submit straight away if you think something is for us.

And if you’re reading this, please help the Drowning Gull gain exposure! Like and share this post, and like us on our Facebook page.




3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Drowning Gull!

  1. I do have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

    1) If someone wanted to subscribe to the literary magazine, how would they do so? Also, what is the subscription price?

    2) For those submitting works, do you have rates? Or is that negotiable based upon the quality of the submitted work?

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you find considerable success in this new endeavor!

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    1. Hi Todd!

      Okay. So I’m a fifteen-year-old girl/woman/ person who so far has no job that pays her. Therefore, it wouldn’t be sustainable for me to pay contributors (sorry). Any people who contribute would be doing it on a volunteer basis.

      Second of all, since I don’t pay you, it wouldn’t be fair of me to make you pay for issues.

      What I plan to do here is post submissions I accept in a blog post-like format continuously. In May and September every year, I collate a “best-of” e-magazine using an online platform (I’m still trying to decide on which online platform I’m going to use). Since “The Drowning Gull” is just beginning, there won’t be any best-of issues until at least next year.

      You’ll be updated on any submissions we publish if you click the “follow by e-mail” widget on the sidebar.

      I hope this answers your questions! Thank you for visiting.


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      1. It does answer my questions. Thank you! I may have something to contribute, but first I’ll have to write it. Or dust off and revise a story that’s just been taking up space on my hard drive. We’ll see!

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